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Sell more by enabling Walmart's Free TwoDay Deilivery Program. Eligible products are displayed with the 2-Day delivery tag that attracts buyers and grows your sales.

All Walmart Marketplace sellers are eligible to participate in the program. Go here to view more details from Walmart.

InfiPlex can help you implement and manage your Walmart TwoDay Delivery Program. Walmart's 2-Day Delivery Program includes:

  • Increased Product Visibility - improved search rankings and filter inclusion on your listings
  • Buy Box Prominence - Increase your buy box wins and conversion rates
  • Regional Shipping Settings - Enable the program even if you can't cover the entire continental 48 states


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TwoDay Program Options

The TwoDay Delivery program is available to all Walmart Marketplace sellers with two ways to opt in, depending on how you fulfill your customer orders. You can also use a mix of both the Ship Yourself and Third-Party options.
  • Ship Yourself – Fulfill orders yourself, either nationwide or regionally.
  • Ship Third-Party – through a nation-wide Walmart Authorized Fulfillment Partner.
InfiPlex OMS can be configured to work with a mix of both options and SKUs that are not in the TwoDay program, allowing the seller to fulfill certain SKUs from their own warehouse and others via the nation-wide 3PL network. The system is configured so that all 2-day shipments are actually shipped using ground services with either FedEx, UPS, or USPS. All sellers are eligible to use the nation-wide 3PL services, even if you do not qualify for the Ship Yourself program.


Nation-Wide Third-Party Fulfillment 

InfiPlex has partnered with a Walmart approved nation-wide third-party fulfillment company. We can help you manage the whole set-up process and at the same time offer some of the best shipping rates available. InfiPlex offers sellers the most flexibility by allowing the mix and match of standard, TwoDay Ship Yourself, and TwoDay 3PL SKUs.

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