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3PL Warehouse Client Connector

InfiPlex OMS offers 3PL’s and warehouses the most affordable way to connect clients to their sales channels. No matter where your client needs to pull orders from, we can get you connected quickly and affordably. Orders flow from your client's sales channels into your WMS. Our team becomes your IT Integration Team, allowing you to say YES to your customers and prospects when they ask "can you ship my orders from XYZ marketplace?"

  •   Connect to any 3rd Party Marketplace like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.
  •   Connect to any major retailer EDI network
  •   Affordable custom integrations
  •   Manage orders, inventory, and tracking numbers
  •   Create Custom Order Lines for inserts, custom boxes, and more
  •   Dynamic Bundling
  •   SKU to Barcode Mapping
  •   and a lot more...
Pricing Overview  


Manage Client Sales Channels

Connect Any Client

Add Clients as you need them. Connected directly into your current Warehouse Management System (WMS) and client systems if needed.

Connect Any Marketplace

Integration with all major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wayfari, Wish and more…

Free New Integrations

We can quickly integrate with any marketplace API or WMS API as needed for your clients. New marketplace or EDI connections are included in your 3PL Warehouse Connector Package.

Set-up & Support Included

Our support team becomes your 3PL marketplace integration team, making sure your client's orders flow from their marketpalces to your WMS.

EDI Connections

Connect your clients with any EDI Retailers like Target, Walmart, Sam's Club, or Costco. In many cases, the savings on EDI will pay for your InfiPlex monthly package.

Affordable & Reliable

InfiPlex OMS is one of the most affordable solutions available in the market. We are also Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technical Partners and guarantee that we can service any size client.

InfiPlex is an AWS Technolgy Partner

Amazon Vendor Central Approved Application Provider

InfiPlex is an AWS Technolgy Partner

Amazon Approved App for Seller and Vendor Central

InfiPlex Approved Amazon App

InfiPlex has been approved as an application on the Amazon Selling Partner Appstore. As an approved Amazon App, we have passed all of the security requirements to pull and process PII Data. This includes Seller Central and Vendor Central accounts.

Made in the USA

U.S. based support and programming.

AWS Technology Partner

InfiPlex is an Amazon Technology Partner and our SaaS solution has passed Amazon’s Technical Baseline Review.

Reference our InfiPlex Secuirty Overview for more details on InfiPlex security and the requirements to meet the AWS Technical Baseline Review.

3PL Client
Connector Package

$999.99Per Month

  • Unlimited Orders*
  • Unlimited Connections to any available integration like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Wayfair, Shopify, Magento and more.
  • Integrate any new marketplace or retail channel at no additional cost
  • Connections are only $25 each per month
  • Connection to your WMS included
  • Unlimited Users
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • EDI Available**
  • Bulk Connector pricing available***
* Includes 10,000 monthly orders plus 500 for each connection - $0.05 per order over monthly included order level

** EDI integrations requiring a VAN connection or ERP connections like NetSuite will have additional monthly costs per connection.

*** Contact us for bulk connector pricing
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