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The InfiPlex™ Inventory & Order Management System (OMS) EDI integration capabilities makes it easy to connect to any EDI trading partner. We offer EDI managed services to get you connected and integrated quickly for an end-to-end solution. Eliminating the need for additional software, hardware, or IT resourses. Our solution takes all of your EDI orders and puts them directly into our OMS so you can easily process and ship your orders through your preferred shipping carrier, shipping software, or ERP software.


Connect with ANY EDI Trading Partner

InfiPlex can connect you with any EDI trading partner, creating a seemless integration so you can focus on managing and shipping orders, not processing EDI documents. Contact us to get a free quote on your EDI integration needs.



More Than an EDI Mailbox, We Offer Beginning-to-End Order Management

Most EDI solutions offer a basic EDI email box with little to no integration with any of your systems. Are you manually managing EDI orders? InfiPlex OMS can offer you a beginning to end solution that fully automates your EDI partner orders.



EDI Set-up

InfiPlex will work with you to connect to your needed EDI trading partners. Once an individual trading partner is set-up and the connection process is completed, InfiPlex OMS will handle the receiving of all EDI order documents and your EDI partner's required response documents. The EDI ordering process is fully automated through InfiPlex OMS, letting you focus on shipping orders and customer support.



Managing Shipping & Inventory

InfiPlex OMS allows you to easily manage all of your EDI orders dirctly in the OMS or through your desired warehouse or shipping application. It then sends all tracking numbers and SKU inventory back to your EDI trading partners and all other sales channels your OMS is connected to. This ensures that all sales channels have the most current inventory level for each SKU.



EDI Pricing

Our EDI pricing is on a per trading partner basis. Your cost for each EDI trading partner is based on the total size of documents processed for each trading partner per month. This is called the kilo-character (KC) charge for using the EDI VAN network. A KC is 1,000 characters of EDI data transmitted.

The typical EDI order generates 10-20 KC's. You also have inventory updates that can generate large KC volume depending on how may SKUs you sell through a retail trading partner.

Select one of our packages below based on the number orders you process monthly and the number of SKUs that require inventory updates. Each package includes a base number of KC's and a monthly overage cost.
  • EDI Small - $50.00 per month
    • Includes 1,000 KC's per month
    • Additional monthly KC's are $0.05 each
  • EDI Medium - $500.00 per month
    • Includes 12,500 KC's per month
    • Additional monthly KC's are $0.04 each
  • EDI Large - $1,500.00 per month
    • Includes 50,000 KC's per month
    • Additional monthly KC's are $0.03 each
  • EDI Enterprise - $5,000.00 per month
    • Includes 250,000 KC's per month
    • Additional monthly KC's are $0.02 each

Our Enterprise level can save enterprise clients thousands of dollars per month. Call us today to for a quote.



Convert to InfiPlex OMS and Save

Converting some or all of your top selling channels to use InfiPlex OMS can significantly lower your monthly costs and save significant time managing your sales channels. We can affordably connect you to any sales channel, be it a marketplace or retail EDI connection. Contact Us to today for a free consultation.



Automated Product Data Management

InfiPlex also offers automated product data management with marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Jet and more. We can pull your products from your existing webstore, like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce, and then send your new products directly to your connected marketplaces. Contact us to set-up a call to automate your product data management.




We can work with you to customize the InfiPlex OMS to meet the specific needs of your business. Contact us today to get a quote on building a solution that fits how you do business.


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