Amazon Vendor Central Order and Inventory Management with InfiPlex

Amazon Vendor Central Integration - Direct Fulfillment Fully Automated Order Management & Inventory Management

InfiPlex Order Management System (OMS) offers the ability to easily manage your Amazon Vendor Central Direct Fulfillment orders including automating orders, inventory, and invoicing. Amazon Vendor Central is an EDI based system that is used by Amazon to purchase products directly from manufacturers and sellers that Amazon sells as Sold by Amazon and has the seller drop-ship the individual orders.

InfiPlex makes it easy to centralize order and inventory management for all of your sales channels including Amazon Vendor Central Direct Fulfillment.

  •   Automatically pull new PO's with Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  •   Easily process and ship orders, including printing Amazon labels
  •   Automatic Advanced Ship Notifications back to Amazon
  •   Optional connections to your ERP or Shipping systems
  •   Easily process Direct Fulfillment invoices
  •   InfiPlex manages connection set-up for you
  •   Support Included
  •   and a lot more...

Starter Package

$499.99Per Month

  • Includes 1,000 monthly orders
  • Unlimited order management connections to any available integration like Amazon, Walmart, eBay and more.
  • Manage orders, shipping, and inventory across all marketplaces
  • Supports Multiple Warehouses
  • Up-to 5,000 SKUs
  • Growth Package required for Amazon VC Direct Fulfillment integration

Amazon Vendor Central Direct Fulfillment Set-up  

InfiPlex will manage the self-service Direct Fulfillment EDI set-up in your Amazon Vendor Central Portal. You simply give us access to your account and we do the rest. Set-up time also includes support for adding your SKUs to the InfiPlex Invenotry Management and Order Management system. The Amazon Vendor Central Direct Fulfillment set-up is considered as one of your included new integrations with the Growth Packages, so there are no additional set-up fees.

Amazon Vendor Central Enterprise Package

Our Amazon Vendor Central Growth Enterprise Package is for sellers who have significant monthly order volume or large SKU counts with Amazon Vendor Central Direct Fulfillment. Our Enterprise Package includes the following:


** Monthly cost is dependent on resources needed to meet your specific data and order requirements. No set limit on number of orders, users, clients or connections. Additional dedicated resources may be required based on your SKU count, number of orders processed per month, and other custom integration or data management requirements.